Matsui and Nanto join JVS Japan Vegetable Seeds in joint venture

Matsui and Nanto become part of Japan Vegetable Seeds
April 6, 2020
JVS continues to grow: Matsui and Nanto become part of the joint venture
April 6, 2020

Two new breeding specialists, Matsui and Nanto, have joined JVS Japan Vegetable Seeds, the
joint venture established in 2017 by Nippon Norin Seed Co. Ltd, Kurume Vegetable Breeding
Co. Ltd and Mitsui & Co. Ltd.

Nanto Seed Co. Ltd, a family business founded in 1947, specializes in the varietal selection of
melon, watermelon, squash, onion, and cucurbit rootstocks. It has patented new hybrid seed
selection and improvement techniques and has developed technologies and biotechnologies
for developing products in anticipation of customers’ needs.
Matsui Seed Co. Ltd., a family business founded in 1952 and now led by the third generation,
grows many outstanding melon and watermelon varieties, winners of various national

“We are enthusiastic about this expansion and we are sure that Nanto and Matsui bring
important new expertise to Japan Vegetable Seeds,” explains Hitoshi Kudo, General Manager
AgriScience Division at Mitsui & Co. “and represent another step towards seed industry
excellence. This is an extremely dynamic sector, so we have de?ned a medium-long term
growth strategy to keep opening up new markets, accelerate innovation, develop products
and share know-how through a common technological platform.”
Mitsui & Co. Ltd is a Japanese multinational with global operations. It has 16 business units,
including one devoted to agribusiness, which amongst other things develops new hybrids and
seeds through Japan Vegetable Seeds.

JVS is the acronym of Japan Vegetable Seeds. JVS comprises Top Seeds International, Nippon Norin Seed, Kurume Vegetable Breeding Co. Ltd and, from today Matsui and Nanto, but it is an organization in constant growth.